Planet B 2023: Questions and Answers

Are you thinking about joining Planet B for the next semester? If you're interested in the theme of "Aquatic Alliances" and have any questions, meet us on June 1, 2023, at 4pm, for an online session where we'll share everything important and answer all inquiries.

Planet B 2023: Questions and Answers

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Planet B, the Module for Sustainability and Civilizational Issues UMPRUM, will reopen in the winter semester 2023. The module is dedicated to transdisciplinary teamwork focused on the pressing environmental and social issues of today.

Planet B invites students of art, architecture, design, art theory and other disciplines (both at UMPRUM and other higher education institutions in the Czech Rep. and abroad) to APPLY NOW and join us in October 2023 for a studio exchange!

In short
  • In winter semester 2022, Planet B will be coordinated by design theorist Klára Peloušková and architect Veronika Miškovičová.
  • The theme of the semester will be "Aquatic Alliances". We will focus on future scenarios for water ecosystems.
  • The module will include many lectures, debates and workshops with experts from both artistic and non-artistic fields. 
  • Planet B has the form of a studio exchange. It is equivalent to semestral studio work and the end-of-semester project (klauzura).
  • Planet B is open to students enrolled in the 2nd year of their BA studies or higher, irrespective of their field of study.
  • In case any international students are on board, the whole program will be held in English.
  • Application Deadline: June 30, 2023

All information about the program can be found in the Planet B section of UMPRUM's website.

Information about the previous edition (winter semester 2022) and an archive of final projects can be found on Planet B's special website.

Any inquiries should be addressed to Klára Peloušková,