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Have you forgotten or don't know your username or password?

If you do not know your login or password to the UMPRUM network, you can request a new password from the UMPRUM IT Administrator.

  • The UMPRUM IT administrator can change/reset the password.
  • The UMPRUM IT administrator is obliged to verify the person who requests a password change (hereinafter referred to as the applicant).
  • The UMPRUM IT administrator is obliged to give the new password only to the applicant whose identity corresponds to the user whose password is being set.
  • Verification and transfer of login data is possible in person at the HelpDesk workplace, 409, 4th floor, UMPRUM main building, nám Jana Palacha 80/3, Prague 1 or by system message through a request sent to

Changing and issuing a password in another way

  • It is NOT POSSIBLE to change and issue a password via SMS, phone, email or power of attorney!

Are you a new student at UMPRUM?

Use the First Password app to get your credentials..

This application allows new users - students to get their username (username) after logging in and allows you to set the UMPRUM Password without the need for a personal visit. This process can only be completed after the study has been entered by an employee of the study department into the SIS UMPRUM, which will take place 0-4 days after your enrollment in the study.

The application is intended only for new UMPRUM students and can be used within 90 days of enrollment.

To get your first password, you need to know your application code and date of birth.

If you have forgotten the application code, you can have it sent again..

The obtained UMPRUM username and password will now allow you to access the IS UMPRUM systems.