Barbora Žentelová, Lukáš Hlavín, Žofia Fodorová: Workshops

Title: Workshops
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Book language: English edition
Authors: Barbora Žentelová, Lukáš Hlavín, Žofia Fodorová
Designed by: Žofia Fodorová
Publisher: UMPRUM
ISBN: 978-80-88308-96-6
Selling price: 350 CZK
Binding: paperback
Number of pages: 108

Barbora Žentelová, Lukáš Hlavín, Žofia Fodorová:  Workshops

The workshops and their masters at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) have always formed an essential part of the school's spirit. This publication depicts the school's workshops on Jana Palacha Square before their move to the new building of the UMPRUM Technology Centre Mikulandská. The aim was to record the imprints of time, work and the genius loci of the place. These are not photographs of architecture, machines or work; they are about recording the energy that comes from visiting the various and diverse workshops. The book is accompanied by texts by the rector of UMPRUM Jindřich Vybíral and the architect Roman Brychta, under whose direction the building on Jan Palach Square is undergoing reconstruction. The authors of the photographs are Barbora Žentelová, Lukáš Hlavín and Lorenzo di Grazia.