Guided Tour / Planet B

On January 28 at 6pm, a guided tour of the Planet B's semestral exhibition will take place at the Technological Center Mikulandská.

The guided tour will start by a screening of the Leftover Feast film at the Cinema on the 3rd floor. The talk will be in English.

Guided Tour / Planet B
The exhibition of the semestral projects is on view from Jan 27 until Feb 1. It is open daily from 10am to 6pm.
Toxic Futures / Final Presentations
We only have one planet. However, due to human activity, it has been rendered permanently toxic. The way humans produce energy – no matter how “clean” the source – always leaves traces. Feral relics of nuclear energy, for instance, will metabolize in the soil, water, living organisms or built environment for thousands of years. And as we cannot rely on solid material or political boundaries anymore, we need to accept the situation of complexity, impurity and artificiality as a point of departure for any action.
Such has been the premise of the experimental, transdisciplinary project work on Planet B, the Module for Sustainability and Civilizational Issues at UMPRUM, in the winter semester 2022. Four teams composed of designers, architects, artists and theorists have responded to this challenge with scenarios, conversations and compositions that point to the ambiguities of both present and future socio-ecological systems.
In part, our projects are speculative. These considerations, however, are just cautious prolongations of observable tendencies. We're not trying to predict the probable or prescribe the preferable – instead, we take seriously what is possible. And sometimes, we just care about shaking up the lines of discourse that often shield us from the unknowns we need to face.
Project Teams
Zuzana Budzaková
Ján Cholvadt
Zuzana Řičářová
Viktória Žigmundová
Daniela Dvornická
Gabriela Palijová
Anna Solianyk
Petr Ehrlich
Veronika Hanáková
Žil Julie Vostalová
Emma Zahradníková
Valéria Kršiaková
Darja Lukjanenko
Mike Ma
Mikuláš Procházka
More about Planet B here (CZ) and here (EN).