Graduates of UMPRUM in a selected exhibition 1m2 Collective

21. 10.–29. 10. 2023

Dutch Design Week, Sectie-C area, Hall 14 - Kop van 14, Daalakkersweg 14, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Julie Dítětová, a graduate of the Design and Digital Technologies Studio at UMPRUM, and Matyáš Barák, a graduate of the Bachelor's programme at the Studio of Product Design, have been selected for the 1m2 Collective exhibition at Dutch Design Week. They will present their work together with 14 other young talents from all over the world.

Graduates of UMPRUM in a selected exhibition 1m2 Collective

Julie is presenting her award-winning thesis, Programming Patterns, which explores the current capabilities of machine learning technology to generate new patterns based on input from 18th-century fabric archives. Her main focus is on the principle of GAN architecture features, dataset issues, and the training process. The work highlights the network of human decisions and steps behind the seemingly automatic process.

Her project is further advancing thanks to a follow-up collaboration with her classmate Aleš Hnátek, a student of the Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design at UMPRUM. Aleš researched different weaving production processes and used the generated patterns to create new physical fabrics that he used for his new fashion collection. The dataset was originally created from 18th-century church robes, which were reinterpreted into the 21st century using machine learning processes. Thanks to Ales's continued work, the project has been brought full circle, and garments with actual AI designs that originally only existed on a digital screen can be worn. 

Matyáš Barák will present his 3-WAY vase, which reflects the designer's interest in the ready-made. The vase is made of technical glass tubes used in the chemical industry. The author works with their easy formability and the possibility of modification over the flame. The 3-WAY vase consists of several bent tubes connected by a glass trivet, originally trimmed for a chandelier. Matyáš sees working with the material that surrounds us as a more sustainable way of designing new objects. The vase is part of his readymade collection, a series of interior accessories by MATA BY MATA.

"Graduating from UMPRUM is not the end of contact with our students. We are looking for ways to further develop cooperation with them, to support their publications, exhibitions, and other projects. I think this is especially important for recent graduates, including Julie Dítětová and Matyáš Barák. That is why we are pleased that they can represent UMPRUM at this important selection exhibition," says Jitka Šosová, Vice-Rector for Internationalisation and Development, about the participation of Julie Dítětová and Matyáš Barák.

1m2 Collective is an international interdisciplinary platform that strives for a more diverse and inclusive design festival environment. It aims to support young talents through exhibitions, dialogue about design, and the overall issue of exhibiting design. One of its activities is a group exhibition during Dutch Design Week.


Julie Dítětová is a graduate of the Studio of Digital Design and Technology at UMPRUM. The main core of her work is graphic design in connection with digital technologies, especially in the context of artificial intelligence tools. She is an active member of the Amsterdam-based AIxDesign community, where she is involved in the creation and development of projects combining artificial intelligence with design. Her work combines creativity with technological advances to create design practices that use modern technologies for efficient and automated production.

Matyáš Barák graduated from the Studio of Product Design at UMPRUM and then continued his studies at the Royal College of Art in London. He gained work experience in Paraguay in the studio of Javier Corvalán, in the Prague studio of Petr Hájek Architects, and in the London studio of Foster and Partners. He works in product and interior design and architecture. He is currently working on establishing his own brand with readymade design products MATA BY MATA.