Restitution _ Annual VA Exhibition

Opening 23rd March 2023 17–22
Closing 27th March 2023 17–22

Vila P651/ Běhal Fejér Institute, Pevnostní 651/8, Praha 6

Restitution _ Annual VA Exhibition

The students of the Academy of  Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, MA programme in English Visual Arts organize an annual show of their works.

The display is  showcasing the works of artists delving into the theme of 'restitution'. Engage with a collection of unique perspectives, as they tackle intricate issues surrounding the restoration of what was once taken away – incorporating this gesture into a collection of collaborative projects.


List of the exhibiting artists/UMPRUM students: 
Ashton Martell Bird, Julia Alvarenga Prochnik, Magdalena Zalewa, Jianquan Li, Shira Roth (& friends), Liubov Plavska, Viktoriia Naumuk, Hermance Duverney, Marie Bally, Valeriia Nesteruk, Christopher Batuzich, PoL, Juliana Castano Olivares, Joanie Guerrero, Ilya Kreines (with Ilona Wiss), Kintija Elina Karaša, Elena Ciolino, Lilit Lysa, Ngo Lok Esther Man

Curators: Daniil Tzvetkov, Ian Young

Graphic design: Hermance Duverney, Marie Bally, Magdalena Zalewa, Viktoriia Naumuk

Production: Hana Smělá, Conrad Eric Armstrong, Ilona Wiss