Room for Unearthing

15. 12. 2023–3. 2. 2024

opening: 14. 12. 2023 from 6 pm
UM Gallery, UMPRUM, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Prague 1

open: Mo–Sat 10 am–16 pm
free entry


Room for Unearthing is the second joint exhibition of the Studio of Fine Arts II at UMPRUM and the painting studio of the Austrian Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien (die Angewandte). In addition to the work of individual artists, the UM Gallery will also present the joint work Sounds of Unearthing, which is a confirmation of several years of successful collaboration.

Room for Unearthing

Since the first exhibition Days of Unearthing in Vienna in 2022, the creative activity of both schools has progressed to the next stage. The new exhibition, entitled Room of Unearthing, is a loose continuation of the previous Days of Unearthing and was created under the supervision of the heads of the painting studios Lenka Vítková (UMPRUM) and Henning Bohl (Die Angewandte) in collaboration with curators Eva Slaba and Daniel Hüttler. The theme that forms the exhibition is still life, ideally based on previously discarded works by the artist. "Through this year's reworking, reconstruction, re-engagement, and adaptation, the artists also proceeded to reflect on contemporary modes of sustainable production (both material and ideological), while at the same time reflecting on the classical still life image to reintroduce the notions of domesticity and preservation into their work, while it was up to them to choose the medium for their works," says curator Eva Slabá about the concept of the exhibition's theme.
Projects working with still life are not limited to the classical painterly concept but also offer non-traditional forms of processing, including sculpture, performance, and the use of crafts or new media.

The exhibition can be perceived as multimedia, and not only thanks to the form of processing of individual works. It is complemented by the compilation album Songs of Unearthing, presenting a soundscape that expands the space of the otherwise silent still life genre in another dimension. The coherent composition of objects and environments to which each exhibitor contributed a thirty-three-second recording extends a significant element of the extensive Atlas of Unearthing publication. Mapping over 150 works by 55 artists, the book can be seen not only as a companion catalogue but, with hindsight, as a document of a particular time, a relic of a past exhibition, and a still life in its physical form.

The exhibition Room for Unearthing presents the results of a successful collaboration between young artists from Prague and Vienna. The customized space of the UM Gallery is evidence of successful international cooperation not only through the project itself but especially through the works created together.


Educational leadership: Lenka Vítková (Studio of Fine Arts II UMPRUM), Henning Bohl (painting studio, Die Andgewandte).
Curators: Eva Slabá, and Daniel Hüttler
Initiator of the project: Michal Novotný
Exhibiting artists:
Adéla Súkupová, Adrian Hazi, Alex Švígler, Anastázie Ilina, Anna Holínská, Anna Kazantseva, Anna Tůmová, Anja Romanova, Antonie Zichová, Daniel Altera, Daniela Kuich, Daniil Tsvetkov, Dimitrij Mandzyuk, Emma Kabešová, Ester Parasková, Evgeny Tantsurin, Franky Daubenfeld, Hana Marhounová, Jiří Bartoš, Julia Prochnik, Kaleb Christian, Kateřina Forejtová, Kateřina Šípová, Kateryna Chuliy, Kristýna Polívková, Luka Matuella, Lukáš Šmejkal, Markéta Dočkalová, Markéta Královcová, Maya Lempeius, Nele Vandenberghe, Noa Vetter, Peter Mičák, Reyhaneh Rajabi, Richard Klippfeld, Šenay Kobak, Šimon Dub, Šimon Jan, Tamara Pauknerová, Tzuchi Su, Viktoria D'Agostino, William Metin Martin.

The Atlas of Unearthing
Included artists: Alex Macedo, Ann-Sophie Ghering, Anna Holínská, Anna Kazantseva, Antonie Zichová, Barbara Novorodá, Bety Krňanská, Chattip Metchanun, Christian Gailer, Daniil Tsvetkov, Dimitrij Mandzyuk, Ei Ozawa, Elena Altaba Herrán, Emil Puchner, Evgeny Tantsurin, Evelyn Vonesch, Franky Daubenfeld, Hanna Schmidt, Jorinna Girschik, Juliana Castaño, Kaleb Christian, Lavanya Thakur, Léo Coignaud, Leonie Plattner, Lisa Maria Wirzel, Lizaveta Hrydziushka, Lucia Schwemer, Lucie Brskovská, Ludovico Scalmani, Lukáš Šmejkal, Marcia Schmidt, Marie Fidesser & Marei Buhmann, Marielena Stark, Markéta Dočkalová, Martina Staňková, Masha Kovtun, Matěj Racek, Naomi Shintani Deibel, Nicolas Garaj, Nikola Kopp Lourková, PoL…, Radim Pergl, Sara Bojovićc, Sara Roeth, Sarah Buhmann, Sebastian Mittl, Selana Ayşe Türgen, Šenay Kobak, Šimon Dub, Sofie Fatouretchi Royer, Tamara Pauknerová, Vannessa Schmidt, Yaël Fidesser, and Yoon A Lee.