7. 12.–10. 12. 2023
Opening: 7. 12. 2023 at 6 pm
UMPRUM Technology Center, Mikulandská 134/5, Prague 1

Open: 11 am – 8 pm
Cash only

Who plays, doesn’t bother. The popular Czech saying also describes the mood of this year's UMPRUMSHOP, which will traditionally take place at the UMPRUM Technology Center on Mikulandská Street. The UMPRUMSHOP is a unique sales exhibition of works by students, graduates, and alumni of the school, held under the umbrella of the Studio of Fashion Design.


Every year, this student event allows young creators to present the results of their work and offer them for sale to the general public, which in turn has the opportunity to support local creative work. UMPRUMSHOP offers the products of dozens of designers, which are original alternatives (not only) for Christmas gifts.

The theme of the fourteenth edition is based on feelings of childlike joy and playfulness, which are reflected in the visual design, installation, and partly also in the selection of designers. "Through the installation we intend to open up people's imaginations and leave it up to the audience whether they want to feel like they are in a maze or the middle of a child's building block set. We also invited the participating designers to approach the theme with their products as much as possible and to present colourful and playful products," says Markéta Hájková, one of the event's curators. Students from the school's architectural studios were approached to collaborate, and they responded to the theme with an overall concept and individual details referring to childhood memories and attributes associated with childhood, such as the motifs of playgrounds and swimming pools. "The main challenge for us was to create an exhibition design that would entertain children. It was about finding playfulness laced within the structure of society. In each individual space, we offer exclusivity to the products on display and allow the visitor to discover new products. In terms of material, we mainly aimed for bulkiness, dynamism, and different scales of detail," adds Nikola Beková, the architect of the exhibition.

Traditionally, the focus of the event has been on sustainability and ecological friendliness, not only in the sense of the exhibited products but also in the overall drama of the exhibition. In this way, the exhibition shows that recycling and upcycling are not just a passing trend, but an integral part of the thinking of young creators.


Organizational team

Coordination: Miro Sabo, and Monika Krobová.
Organization: Markéta Hájková, Natálie Szegény, Ema Vančová, Magdaléna Seppová, and Monika Pavlíková.
Exhibition Design: Nikola Beková
Graphic design: Laura Morovská (typography), and Stázka Rainischová (animation).
PR & social media: Markéta Hájková, and Ema Vančová.
Product team: Natália Repkovská, Martin Humpolák, Bára Tomalová, Dominik Švarc, and Andrea Berdisová.
Installation: Lenka Hanzáková, Aneta Kadlčíková, Zuzana Ľos-Božiková, and Klára Drevenáková.
Bar: Linda Vondrášková, Štěpán Mareš, and Adéla Králíková.
Text: Veronika Soukupová


The history of UMPRUMSHOP can be traced back to 2009 when it was still called VŠUP SHOP (both names are based on the school abbreviation). This pre-Christmas market was initiated by the students of the Studio of Fashion Design, which at the time was led by Prof. Josef Ťapťuch. It focused mainly on fashion, jewellery, and small accessories. This tradition was smoothly continued by students under the guidance of Pavel Ivančice and then the current head of the studio, Miro Sabo. With the growing interest of the public, the offer expanded to include book publications, paper, glass, and porcelain products, small interior accessories, and even cosmetics produced by students. Recent editions of UMPRUMSHOP have begun to emphasize not only the presentation of student work, but also the theme of sustainability, and environmental friendliness.