The studio of textile in contemporary times navigates the boundaries of various influences. Tradition, craftsmanship, and the language of art intertwine with the broader contexts of today's world, encompassing globalisation, ethics, sustainability, digitalisation, surplus production, and theory. These connections pose challenges within society. The constant evolution in science and technology compels us to explore new possibilities through experiments and unconventional approaches. In our perspective, textile serves as an omnipresent aspect that connects people with each other or with architecture.

The diversity within textile gives rise to a variety of works spanning design, architecture, and fine art. The head of the studio serves as a guide for students seeking their own artistic and craft practice, facilitating self-expression. We place particular emphasis on the intersection of technique, knowledge, and imagination. Therefore, our teaching involves a comprehensive understanding of technologies. This allows students to grasp fundamental methods and principles from the outset, enabling them to develop these skills extensively in the future, especially within the interdisciplinary context mentioned earlier.

Our goal is to support and cultivate a range of approaches, from intimate to energetic forms. This also requires experiences beyond the studio, hence our encouragement of international study and practice programs, as well as stays in other studios at UMPRUM or other Czech art universities and faculties. We also welcome students interested in studying in our studio and encourage collaborations with other studios or team projects among students across our academy. Inspirational people are invited to lead one-time or recurring workshops within the studio, and individuals outside the textile field to provide consultations to enrich our discourse and offer diverse feedback.


In this studio, we aim to create a safe and inspiring space that fosters curiosity, openness, and the desire to create, discover, and experiment. As a guiding duo, we seek an equal dialogue based on mutual respect. 


We invite everyone to consult with us prior to the admissions process.


nám. J. Palacha 80, 116 93 Praha 1
2nd floor – room 206

251 098 246

MgA. Linda Kaplanová

MgA. Martin Pondělíček

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