Neuroworm and Machines of Escape exhibition in Bratislava

23. 6.–15. 8. 2023

Opening: 22. 6. 2023 at 7 pm
Kunsthalle Bratislava, Nám. SNP 12, Bratislava, Slovakia


The Kunsthalle Bratislava hosts an exhibition of students from the Digital Art and Architecture programme at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (VŠVU) and the Studio of Architecture III at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) in Prague. From their works they have jointly created Neuroworm and Machines of Escape, through which they raise questions about what is inevitable in this situation and how it is possible to critically deal with it.

Neuroworm and Machines of Escape exhibition in Bratislava

Young authors are aware that it is now necessary to take a step back and critically evaluate the importance and potential of digital technologies in times of environmental crisis. They trace the ever-developing and expanding formal possibilities of materiology and digital production, which have reached previously unprecedented levels. They reflect on the development of artificial intelligence, which suggests an imminent disruption of current design processes.

The projects of the Studio of Architecture III at UMPRUM in Prague focused on exploring two different aspects of digital architecture: design and materiality.

Under the joint title My Bespoke AI, Martin Kavalec and Hugo Fekar explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence prompt-to-image software such as Stable Diffusion. Through these tools, they create their own personalised neural networks based on their previous projects and experiences and continue to learn from them. The result reflects their work while revealing the context of shared popular common narratives, stereotypes and biases.

The second project, Mycelium Landscapes by Jakub Miča, Antónia Stretavská, Kateřina Suchánková and Viktória Žigmundová, deals with the living component of fungal mycelium and reconsiders the importance of "digital materials" while taking full advantage of the precision and variability of robotic production. 

UMPRUM - Martin Kavalec, Hugo Fekar, Antonia Stretavská, Viktoria Žigmundová, Jakub Miča, and Kateřina Suchanková.
VŠVU - Digital art - Victoria Ann Bračoková, Jakub Cingel, Miroslav Čuridlo, Dominik Devečka, Prokop Findeis, Alexandra Gašparovičová, Samuel Hagara, Ján Konečný, Petra Kořenková, Barbara Kowalczuková, Adela Lujza Lučeničová, Kirill Melnikov, Igor Rjabinin, Kristián Shofranko, Martin Viskup, Emma Zahradníková, and Natália Zajačiková.
VŠVU – Architecture - Adam Kajma, Dorota Bohušová, Eliška Tomášková, Vladimír Vančo, Lukáš Takács, Jakub Čižmárik, Nawar Dakkak, Michal Zajac, and Jaroslav Saxun.

Pedagogical leadership: Imro Vaško, and Shota Tsikoliya (UMPRUM). András Cséfalvay, Zuzana Husárová, Matej Novotný, Benjamín Brádňanský, and Vít Halada (VŠVU).