Architecture IV

Architecture is perceived primarily in terms of a concern for the space in which we live. The Studio of Architecture IV is a platform for open criticism, constructive commentary. We push the boundaries, exploring what it means to create architecture through interdisciplinary teamwork. Mutual influence and inspiration constitute the main driving
force of the studio.

Our studio is an outgoing platform for interdisciplinary communication. It examines/investigates the limits of architecture. It reflects simplicity (Einstein: „Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler) open critique and constructive reflection/to step out of one's shadows. The main motive impulse of the work in the studio is the reciprocal influence to all participants.


Head of the Studio
doc. Mgr. ak. arch. Roman Brychta
Born: 12. 17. 1967 in Vysoké Mýto, Czech Republic

Leads the Studio 4 at the AAAD in Prague since autumn 2011After his graduation with Prof. Emil Prikryl (1995) in the Academy of Arts in Prague, he worked freely.. In 1998, he founded AK architects(together with P.Joba, V.Králíček, P.Lešek). Since 2002, he has been a partner at Projektil architects ( R. Brychta, A. Halíř, O. Hofmeister, P. Lešek). Projektil creates economical, helpful and fresh architecture with regards to tradition, innovative typology and sustainable development.  It integrates  conteporary art, design, architecture and the local context. It invites young and prospective authors to collaborate on their  projects.

Projektil has won many competitions and received prizes and awards for several completed buildings. Projektil participates in exhibitions, architectural conferences and lectures on the Czech and international architectural stage.


nám. J. Palacha 80, 116 93 Praha 1
1st floor – studio 105, cabinet 106c

prof. Mgr. akad. arch. Roman Brychta

Ing. arch. et MgA. Markéta Mráčková

Ing. arch. et MgA. Barbora Šimonová

THU from 9:00