Autonomous revolution in transport

Art and design as a solution to changes in transport with the advent of autonomous driving

21. 11.
–3. 12. 2023

Opening: 20. 11. 2023 at 6:00 pm

UMPRUM Technology Center, Mikulandská 134/5, Prague 1, ground floor, entrance hall

Free entrance

In autonomous transport, the most intensively addressed issues are related to legislation, information technology, and security. Overall aesthetics and passenger comfort are currently somewhat overlooked topics. How can design help in this area? Several years of research by the Studio of Industrial Design at UMPRUM, led by Vlastimil Bartas, proves that design is also an important part of the development and planning of autonomous transport. The results of almost four years of work are presented in the exhibition Autonomous Revolution in Transport at the UMPRUM Technology Center.

Autonomous revolution in transport

The research was supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, in which the ÉTA Programme used creative experimental design methods. The designs of the UMPRUM employees and students were created with the expert consultation of Škoda Group, Czech Technical University, and other representatives of technical sciences and humanities. The Faculty of Architecture and Design of STU in Bratislava was also invited to participate.

"In the studio, we did not address improvements in technology or legislation. We focused on people's problems: what should an autonomous taxi be like for the elderly, how to design the car's cab, and replace the unpleasant feeling of the absence of a driver for passengers and passers-by. We were not limited to passenger transport, however, we were also interested in solutions for public transport or cargo transport," says Vlastimil Bartas, a teacher at the Industrial Design Studio at UMPRUM, about the broad scope of the project.

The young designers used their creative freedom, unrestricted by the exact brief, to delve into finding their own ways to improve autonomous transport through design. Simultaneously, they received feedback from expert mentors that did not leave the designs in the dimension of unrealistic visions.

The Autonomous Revolution in Transport exhibition will present finished models, concept studies, visualisations, and 9 virtual reality presentations. "Virtual reality is a great tool to imagine the workings of autonomous transport almost in person. Visitors will not only be able to see the vehicles from all sides, but they can also walk through their interiors or watch how a given autonomous transport model is supposed to work in real life. It will be possible to experience the future," says philosopher Robin Kopecký, who was one of the consultants for the project.

Where autonomous transport can go and how it can make life easier will be on display in the large entrance hall of the UMPRUM Technology Center until December 3rd. 

Project Manager: MgA. Vlastimil Bartas
Exhibition curator: MgA. Vlastimil Bartas
Graphic design: Kateřina Pravdová, Ondřej Mazanec

Project partners: Škoda Group, Czech Technical University, Faculty of Architecture and Design STU in Bratislava.

This project is co-financed with state support from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic under the ÉTA Programme