Furniture and Interior Design

We explore the broader context in which objects are used and perceived. We aim to systematically deepen professional knowledge, prioritising the experience of students and the individual creative experience. The studio takes a multidisciplinary approach, cultivating the imagination of each student and breaking down established stereotypes within the education system. The studio is founded on mutual dialogue, teamwork, and critical thinking, guiding principles that students are encouraged to apply in an academic context as often as they can.

This studio emphasizes theoretical and practical knowledge of creative processes of design work. It reflects design in the context of the current debate on the future development of global postindustrial society. Students are taught to understand design in a wider perspective, with a critical view of the possible social and environmental consequences.

Its thematic tasks cover a wide range of products influencing our everyday lives. They respect each student's individuality, reflect the personality of the author and his or her relationship to the present and are open to new trends, with special attention to experiments and semantic values. The created designs can be reproduced in serial industrial production and art crafts, but can be also conceived as conceptual art works and solitaires. Students are invited to search for areas of issues that should be addressed and learn to be able to provide reasoning for their solutions.
Students' works are evaluated according to the following criteria: introduction of the given issue, analysis, proposal of a concept, possible solutions, preparation of a model, graphic presentation and description of the process of creation.


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