Sip the Fountain

15. 3.–17. 3. 2024
opening: 14.3.2024 from 6 p.m.
Rezidence Pergamenka, Jankovcova 69/39, Prague 7
Open 1–7 p.m.


The Studio of Fine Arts III at UMPRUM organizes the exhibition Sip the Fountain. It will present the latest collective works of the students created for this occasion. The collection of works includes paintings, installations and videos freely inspired by the world of the Internet.

Sip the Fountain

We are in a state between naivety and knowledge, relativism and truth, optimism and doubt. Perhaps a walk in the woods is no more valuable than hours spent on internet forums and social media. Maybe our virtual selves know where is the passage to a hidden paradise. Meme from an unknown author told us where to look for it. Where you would make a thick line and call everything beyond it a cringe, we see a way of operating outside of binary patterns. We uncritically blur the lines between irony and sincerity and encourage a seamless fusion of micro-trends, hapticism, and a complete democratization of aesthetic approaches.

The narrative proceeds on several levels, which may be hidden and seem banal to many. It uses mimicry or remixing of content, intertextuality - creating a collage of shitposting and memes from online discussion forums like 4chan, reddit. Naive child aesthetics associated with gen alpha / ipad babies- mobile / online games, skibidi toilet, among us, roblox and others. The reality of late capitalism corporate graphics, mantras like "Live Love Laugh", motivational quotes and normcore fashion: cheap trinkets, keychains, kitsch, fake luxury to tourist realism.

Curator team: Barbora Pavlasová, Kryštof Nosek and Adam Žufníček
Graphics: Margarita Ryzhakova