Visiting Artist Studio

Over a period of six months each semester, the Visiting Artist Studio invites an established international artist to lead students on a specific project. The studio looks to bring in as diverse a portfolio of international talent as possible to reflect the varied nature of contemporary artistic practice. The course is primarily intended for students of UMPRUM's Department of Fine Arts.

The Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague started its Visiting Artist Studio in the spring semester of 2018. Each semester AAAD will invite an aknowledged artist from abroad to work with its students.
The artistic profiles of the guests will differ from each other to make the AAAD Arts studies offer as broad as possible.
The programme is part of the Fine Arts Department of AAAD and is primarily reserved to its students but offers limited access to the students of other departments of AAAD. Students of the bachelor, master and PhD programmes can enroll.


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