Wie Chen Ting & Paul Tuttas: Dear Paul x Dear Ting

Wie Chen Ting & Paul Tuttas
Dear Ting x Dear Paul
7/11 - 1/12 @galerienika
Opening: 7/11, 7pm

Wie Chen Ting & Paul Tuttas: Dear Paul x Dear Ting

When we write a letter, we think about every word to make sure it contains the important things we want to convey, while fitting into a small format. When we write a letter, we can't do anything else. We see the other person's handwriting and can guess what the slant of their handwriting means. We can examine what is behind the strikethrough that covers the word we are not supposed to read. When we find a stranger's letter on the ground, we read it and feel as if we have become someone else for a moment. We've peeked into someone else's privacy, and we might feel a little remorse.

Wie Chen Ting and Paul Tuttas's installation resembles a landscape made of communication fragments and drawings that we can look into and mentally move around in, peering into two people's personal correspondence and trying to figure out what they want to communicate. The authors communicated in their native languages and transcribed messages in English after messenger, applying the nature of communication through letters to a digital application.

What we share with others and the ways in which we communicate with them create images to which we can return, and which become our refuge because we depend on others. Even within hyper-fast experiencing, we can communicate with others as if we were writing a letter, because our refuges need stable pillars. Through the exchange of perspectives, the authors give us insight into their communication threads that are functional regardless of place and time.

Artists: Wie Chen Ting & Paul Tuttas

Curators: Agáta Hošnová & Karolína Voleská

Graphic design: Pavel Kuja

Video: Marie Hantáková