Planet B 2023: Deadline Extension and Program

There's a few more vacancies left in the module for sustainability and civilizational issues Planet B, and so the application deadline for the studio exchange has been extended till September 15, 2023. The program of the fall semester dedicated to the theme of Aquatic Alliances is still under development, however, some events and activities have been confirmed already – read more below.

Planet B 2023: Deadline Extension and Program

The semestral program Aquatic Alliances will focus on the topic of water ecosystems and their possible future developments. All information about the module and how to apply can be found here.

During the semester, the following (and other) events will take place:

Talks by international architects, artists and theorists

  • Andreia Garcia (Architectural Affairs, PT) + Space Transcribers (PT) – curator and contributing architects will talk about the project Fertile Futures developed for the Portuguese pavilion at the current Biennale di Venezia that focuses on selected water ecosystems in Portugal
  • Frédéric Rossano (ENSAS / Strasbourg School of Architecture, FR) – author of the publication Floodscapes: Contemporary Landscape Strategies in Times of Climate Change will focus on the ambiguous relationship between humans, landscapes and floods, oscillating between conflict and symbiosis
  • Alina Nazmeeva (MIT / University of Michigan, RU / US) –  designer and artist Alina Nazmeeva will present her work exploring the complex relationships between natural processes, physical environments and their digital representations
  • Susan Reid (University of Sydney / Ocean Justice, AU)
    cultural theorist Susan Reid will speak about "ocean justice" and multispecies interdependencies in the context of marine ecosystems


  • a symposium on to the sciences of water systems – with guests from the Czech Globe CAS, the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals CAS, the Institute of Planning and Development, the Department of Sanitary and Ecological Engineering CTU and others
  • a symposium on research and speculative approaches in the context of art, architecture and design – artists, designers and architects will speak about their interdisciplinary practices related to the theme of the semester

Field trips and walks

  • a field trip to Southern Bohemia – exploration of the artificial waterway Zlatá stoka and the Třeboň ponds, visits to the laboratories of algal biotechnologies Algatech and the institute of water and landscape management ENKI, lectures by landscape ecologists, historians and botanists, and more
  • a visit to the "smart landscape" of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Lány and a lecture by ecologist Tereza Hnátková – introduction to innovative technologies for water and land management, a lecture on landscape monitoring
  • a talk and a walk with the landscape planner Jan Richtr – the focus will be on blue-green infrastructure and the relationship between water and vegetation in the urban context


  • a workshop with researcher and activist Xavier Coadic (FR) – the workshop will focus on the problem of environmental data (its collection, verification and critique for investigative and creative purposes)
  • a workshop with designer and media theorist Paul Heinicker (Ruhr University Bochum, DE) – the workshop will focus on diagrammatical, digital representations of natural processes and the challenges such efforts entail
  • workshop with artist András Cséfalvay (Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, SK) focusing on possible employments of audiovisual media in the context of the semestral theme and brief

In the following weeks and months, the program will further develop and may change. The final schedule as well as a handbook detailing the semestral theme will be made available by the end of August.