Michaela Šindlerová - XX

M i c h a e l a  Š i n d l e r o v á
10 / 10 – 27 / 10
* opening 10 / 10, 19:00 *
* Galerie NIKA is open 24/7 → metro B, Karlovo náměstí, entrance through Palackého náměstí *
Michaela Šindlerová - XX
In her multimedia installation XX at Galerie NIKA, Michaela Šindlerová works with original paintings, photographs from her family archives and data from the genetic research centre Genomac s.r.o., with whom she collaborated to map her genetic origins. Šindlerová's XX project, named after the female chromosomes in genetics, oscillates between artistic, scientific and archival research.
The result is a collage of disparate materials - fragments of her own paintings and texts, archival photographs, a knitted genoportrait and a memorial to her great-great-grandmother. The broad scope of this long-term project focuses on the exploration of family history from a female perspective, (maternal) love and transgenerational trauma, through which the artist also examines her own identity.
The resulting installation plays with transparencies, partial overlaps and milky transparency between layers of objects. In this way, the artist reveals pieces of her family history that we can never fully grasp: we will always encounter blind spots in the piecing together of past histories. But through postmodern combinations of authored and appropriated materials, Šindlerová creates new stories, archived for the future, and keeps the memory of the past alive.
Curators: Agáta Hošnová & Karolína Voleská
Graphic design: Michal Tůma
Artist: Michaela Šindlerová

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