A presentation of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) Studio of Ceramics and Porcelain in Bulgaria.

28. 3.–12. 5. 2023
Czech Centre Sofia, ulitsa Georgi S. Rakovski 100, Sofia, Bulgaria


One definition of the term "momentum" is the force obtained as a result of a series of movements. In the context of the exhibition, this series is related to the creative impulse and the technological process of creating design and art through fire. How do current events, trends, and traditional techniques influence the work of young artists? This is what the Momentum °C exhibition of students, graduates, and teachers of the Ceramics and Porcelain Studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) and the Porcelain and Glass Design Department of the National Academy of Arts Sofia at the Czech Centre in Sofia demonstrates. Adam Železný, Markéta Špundová, Monika Martykánová, Tereza Sluková, and Milan Pekař will take part on the behalf of UMPRUM.


The exhibition is held on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the department of "Porcelain and Glass Design" at the Bulgarian National Academy of Arts. Momentum °C is a dialogue between traditional techniques, experimental approaches, classical morphology of ceramics and porcelain, and their transference into conceptual understandings. An example is Výbuch a series of experimental vessels by graduate Adam Železný, where he shapes ceramic objects using pyrotechnic detonators. The process is not only dependent on the artist but mainly on the thermodynamic reaction and takes several milliseconds.

Markéta Špundová and Monika Martykánová students from the studio react to current events in society. In her project Feminism in the Church, Markéta Špundová works with memories and a comparison of childhood and adult perceptions. She discusses the role of feminism in the Church, which she sees as invisible and untouchable as God himself.

Monika Martykánová's work was influenced by protective measures against the spread of Covid and the long months of lockdowns. She created a collection of traditionally crafted porcelain statuettes that incorporate subtle and humorous activities that have become a kind of symbol of that time. The Allegory of covid series depicts cutting one's hair at home, food delivery, and the possibility of going out in the evening thanks to walking the dog.

Tereza Sluková, a graduate and teacher of the studio, was inspired by classical ceramic work, namely flowers, ruffles, and small ornaments of Meissen porcelain figures. Her series of small-scale porcelain sculptures, Floral, liberates ornamental structures and builds them as independent elements. This gives rise to imaginative landscapes.

Milan Pekař, the head of the studio, is known mainly for his vases and large objects with his characteristic crystalline glazes. In this exhibition, he presents himself in a new context, with small Tetrapod statuettes. The small porcelain sculptures decorated with a celadon glaze depict the man’s creations in the landscape and highlight our position in the contemporary world.

Exhibitors: Krassen Troanski, Elizar Milev, Borislav Korudzhikov, Karina Popova, Vera Gezenko, Annika Lipsius, Vanessa Georgieva, Elemag Georgiev, Lachezar Poydovski,  Lachezar Dochev, Kristin Vassileva, Adam Železný, Markéta Špundová, Milan Pekař, Monika Martykánová, and Tereza Sluková.
Curator of the Czech section: Monika Martykánová

Partners of the exhibition: The Czech Centre Sofia