Alena Šeredová as an ambassador of the student project WAKE

Starting on Monday the 15th of April, the WAKE installation by UMPRUM students is open to the public at Milano Design Week. The ambassador of this unmissable exhibition is model and actress Alena Šeredová, who has been living in Italy for a long time.

Alena Šeredová as an ambassador of the student project WAKE

"There was nothing easier than becoming an ambassador for this project. I am very happy to help young Czech designers. I love the work of young people. I admit that I always try to make Czech art and Czech creativity visible here (in Italy). And this is exactly what we can call "golden Czech hands", says Alena Šeredová enthusiastically about the installation by the students of the Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design and Product Design at UMPRUM. 

The WAKE project reflects on the contemporary role of formal wear and the rules associated with it. It is based on the original semester assignment Red Carpet from the Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design. Under the guidance of Simona Rybáková, the students creatively reassessed the current state of formal dress code. "For us, the subtitle Red Carpet was more of a metaphor for the perception of clothing for a special, specific occasion in a person's life that requires formal attire. Dress code is not a written law. It is a set of rules and recommendations that the organizer or host sends to their guests, and they choose their clothing and express their attitude or reaction to the event", explains  Simona Rybáková costume designer, and the head of the Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design.

The final face of the entire project was given by an original installation using inflatable architecture prepared by students of the Studio of Product Design at UMPRUM.

The exhibition, which is currently on display at Milan Design Week, will be presented to the Czech public in the autumn.



This project 0314000011 is being realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture, the National Recovery Plan and European Union. 



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