Anna Jožová at the Venice Design Biennial on the theme AUTO-EXOTIC

19. 5.-18. 6. 2023

Bocciofila San Sebastiano, Fondamenta Briati 2371, Dorsoduro, Italy


Representatives from UMPRUM will again appear at the Venice Design Biennial. The exhibition on the theme of Auto-Exotic will present the works of Anna Jožová, a student of the Studio of Glass, and Tadeáš Podracký, a graduate of the same studio, who will also be the new head of the Studio of Concept – Object – Meaning (K.O.V.) at UMPRUM starting this October.

Anna Jožová at the Venice Design Biennial on the theme AUTO-EXOTIC

Anna Jožová is represented here by her vases "Liza", which play an important chapter in her creative career, which started an erratic path of original design works. In her vases, she humorously reacts to the traditional technology of Murano glass, which is replaced by a material and technique that is much more profane. She covered the glass inside of the body of the vase with coloured rocks lollipops.

This year's Venice Biennale on the theme of Auto-Exotic follows designers and the challenges they face to explore otherness, near and far, in a way that is cleansed of stale prejudices, but not without the radicalism of those who want to break down prejudices. The Venice Design Biennale allows them to present their vision in a city that is the cradle of the concept of exoticism, the joint between West and East, where the description of Marco Polo's legendary journey first opened new horizons of insight and imagination applied elsewhere beyond the limits of familiar experience.