Revising the digital - Architecture Studio III at Ars Electronica Festival

Architecture Studio III of UMPRUM presents its visionary projects at Ars Electronica Festival

6. 9.–10. 9. 2023

ARS Electronica, POSTCITY, Bahnhofpl. 12, Linz, Austria


Students of the Architecture Studio III of the Academy of Arts and Crafts in Prague are presenting again at the international festival Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria. They respond to the theme "Who Owns the Truth?" with their exhibition "Revising the Digital", which consists of several team projects.

Revising the digital - Architecture Studio III at Ars Electronica Festival

The projects "My Bespoke AI", "Mycelium Landscapes" and "Robinson Chairs" are proofs of the broad role architecture can play in reflecting social issues. The Architecture Studio III, led by Imrich Vasek and Shota Tsikoliya, focuses on experimental architecture and responds creatively to current events. The exhibition "Revising the Digital" is no different..

"At a time when the development of materials and digital fabrication seemingly allows even the craziest designs to come to fruition, and artificial intelligence is bringing radical changes to the work of architects, artists, and designers, it is essential to take a step back and critically evaluate the importance and potential of these technologies. Particularly in times of environmental crisis, it is necessary to focus on three aspects of architecture, namely design, materiality, and production". The studio's approach to the subject is explained by its heads Imrich Vasko and Shota Tsikoliya.

The installation "Mycelium Landscapes" by the team of Jakub Míča, Antónie Stretavská, Kateřina Suchánková, and Viktória Žigmundová responds to the current environmental situation using the latest technologies. Focusing on the living component of the fungal mycelium, they explore the meaning of "digital material" while taking full advantage of the precision and flexibility of robotic production. Displayed prototypes highlight the possible applications of this material in architecture and draw attention to the necessary paradigm shift in the way we approach our environment.

The furniture pieces "Robinson Chairs" were created by a team of 14 students for the Slovak developer ITB. Their main idea was to create with the utmost sustainability in mind. The authors are aware of the ever-shrinking resources as well as the environmental and energy burden of production. They perceive this knowledge as primary for any architectural task. They have therefore reflected them in this project and offered possible solutions.

"My Bespoke AI" by Martin Kavalek and Hugo Fekar explores the possibilities of prompt-to-image software such as Stable Diffusion. With its help, they create custom and personal neural networks based on their previous projects and experiences. Based on this data, they further their own learning. The result reflects their previous work while revealing the context of shared popular narratives, stereotypes, and biases.

The presentation of Studio of Architecture III will be available at the Ars Electronica festival for the third time. Their installation will be on display in the Postcity complex from 6 to 10 September 2023.


Exhibition curators and pedagogical guidance: Imrich Vaško, Shota Tsikoliya
My Bespoke AI – Martin Kavalec a Hugo Fekar
Mycelium Landscapes – Jakub Míča, Antónie Stretavská, Kateřina Suchánková, Viktórie Žigmundová
Robinson Chairs – Ashton Bird, Mayai Diab, Hugo Fekar, Lyza Melnyk, Jan Novák, Petra Sochůrková, David Stingl, Elin Werme, Jakub Míča, Antónie Stretavská, Kateřina Suchánková, Viktórie Žigmundová, Diana Suleimanová, Diana Kravchenko
Grafphics: Šimon Vlasák
Production: Michaela Kaplánková
Architectural design: Shota Tsikoliya