Graphic Design and Visual Communication

The studio prepares students for all areas relating to graphic design. We aim to develop independent creative personalities capable of responding swiftly to graphic briefs, communicating within a defined environment and carrying out tasks down to the smallest detail. Set assignments are reviewed with expert attention to detail while factoring in each distinctive opinion, new perspective and out-of-the-box solution.

We perceive graphic design as an ever-changing entity, in which a whole spectrum of socio-cultural needs takes place. The backbone of the educational process is the inclusion of part-time, assignment-specifc lecturers and teachers, who aid with the year’s main assignment. Besides the studio’s head teacher, students encounter a different lecturer’s approach every semester – always a skilled insider who specializes in the topic or theme that is being explored at the time. As a result, students gain wider perspective than if they simply learned from a single (albeit masterful) persona, who would be influencing them during a long period of time. The students are confronted with many diversified approaches to work and last but not least, they can explore the specific assignment in greater depths.

We strive to encourage students to adapt experimental thinking and build a relationship towards new technology with the focus on critical and creative thinking. They perceive graphic design in a contemporary context and they form a good sense of direction towards which the field is evolving, as well as its current needs. The studio assignments can vary from very free projects to heavily specific social and technological challenges. Redesign of a magazine. Creating a new alphabet. Mars One Project. The contemporary phenomenon. A game. Motion poster. 360 videos and virtual reality. Book editions. Redesign and new visual style of Radio 1. Vinyl editions of classical music for Supraphon.

Important features of every assignment are systematic analysis, the enjoyment coming from work, the need to test both the field’s and one’s own limits, attitude towards the unknown. Other than the semestral assignments students also partake in various smaller assignments, covering and supporting other specific themes and problems.


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