EU programme Erasmus+ for the years 2021-2027 continues to support student and staff mobility throughout Europe and promotes cooperation between higher education institutions  and education and training providers, think-tanks, research organisations, and private businesses in both EU and outside EU. The aim is to support international cooperation in formal and non-formal education, to develop knowledge, skills, key and so called global competences. Inclusion and diversity, participation, sustainability and digitalisation are main features of this programme.

Within the framework of this programme students from Partner Schools may study at UMPRUM. Erasmus+ partner schools are the schools with those UMPRUM has concluded an inter-institutional exchange agreement.

How to apply

Deadlines: 15 May for the autumn semester; 15 October for the spring semester

The acceptance of an applicant is subject to final decision of the head of respective studio with respect to the quality of submitted portfolio and current intake capacity.

Scholarships are provided to students by their home universities. UMPRUM provides guidance for international students how to find a suitable accommodation. Students themselves arrange their health insurance while staying in the Czech Republic.

Detailed information on the Erasmus+ programme is available on the website of the European Commission  or Czech National Agency for International Education and Research


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