Master's degree programmes in Czech

Admission procedure for the accredited Master’s degree programmes for the academic year 2024/2025


Master’s degree programme

Studios of Architecture I-IV

Duration of programme: 6 years
Mode of study: full-time

Requirements for applicants:

· A completed secondary education (at the time of the entrance examination the applicant may be a final-year student);
· Knowledge of the Czech language for applicants from countries other than the Czech and Slovak republics; (certificate required – a certified Czech-language exam for foreigners at a B1 level);
· Interest in the relevant field.

How to apply

The applicant can only apply for one studio and only via an electronic application form that will be available on the UMPRUM website ( during October 2023.


The deadline for submitting electronic applications is 30 November 2023.

The admission procedure fee of 900 CZK must be paid by bank transfer.

When transferring money from a foreign (non-Czech) bank account the sent sume of money must be increased so that the resulting amount is not less than the requested fee.


Bank name: Komerční banka a.s.
Account name: Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze
Account number: 19-5599810247/0100
Constant symbol: 558
Variable symbol: 401
Specific symbol: 
<application number>
IBAN: CZ1401000000195599810247
Swift code: KOMBCZPP

Required application attachments

Mandatory attachments to the electronic application, the scanned copies of which must be sent electronically along the with electronic application by 30 November 2023, without which the application will not be included in the admission procedure, are as follows:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of a certificate proving the completion of the secondary school education ("maturitni vysvedceni"), or a written confirmation by the relevant school (stamp and signature of the authorized person are required) that the student is studying in the last and final year. If the applicant received their certificate from a school outside the Czech or Slovak Republics a copy of the recognition of their education by Czech authorities („nostrifikace“) is required.

Only copies of the above documents (certificate proving the completion of the secondary school education or a confirmation of studying in the final year, certificate of recognition of foreign education) must be attached to the electronic application form. The applicants who successfully complete the admission procedure are obliged to submit an officially-certified copy of the certificate proving the completion of the secondary school education, or an officially-certified copy of the certificate of the recognition of their foreign education at the time of enrolment. This will meet all legal and other requirements for admission to study.

  • Copy of the certificate - a certified examination in Czech for foreigners proving the knowledge of the Czech language at the B1 level, passed at any language centre of Charles University or a foreign language centre of Charles University (only applicants with a nationality other than Czech or Slovak are required to provide proof); foreign applicants who provide a certificate of the completion of the secondary school education from a Czech school conducted in the Czech language are not required to provide proof.

Applicants from Ukraine coming to the Czech Republic due to Russian aggression do not have to present a certificate of their proficiency in Czech language at a B1 level. However, enrolment in studies for these applicants will be conditional on passing a Czech language exam, which will take place before enrolment in studies at UMPRUM.

Note: Name the electronic documents according to their type and add your name and surname, e.g. motivacni_dopis_Jan_Novak, zivotopis_Jan_Novak, maturita_Jan_Novak, etc.

Admission procedure

The admission procedure begins with a submission of a valid application form with the required mandatory attachments by the above date. On the basis of a valid application, the applicant will receive an invitation to the entrance examination.

Entrance examinations take place in two rounds.

The first round will take place remotely on 3 January 2024 at the latest (replacement date not scheduled).

First round:
The applicants will be asked to upload their electronic portfolios to their electronic applications by 3 January 2024. The applicants should remember their login details.
During this round, the applicant's portfolio and CV are assessed as well as other documents, which are the mandatory attachments to the application.

The assessment will take place on 18 January 2024 and will be marked as pass or fail. If the applicant succeeds in the first round, they progress to the second round. Information about progressing to the second round will be published on the website of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague ( In exceptional cases the applicant may be proposed for the second round to another studio.

Second round:
The second round will take place in person on 13-16 February 2024 (replacement date not scheduled).

This part of the admission procedure starts with a test on the history of art and general cultural knowledge - recommended literature: Ernst Hans Gombrich - Story of Art, ed. Argo in 2006; Rostislav Švácha, Taťána Petrasová - Art in the Czech lands: 800-2000, ed. Arbor Vitae in 2018 (publications also available in English). A sample test is attached.

In addition, the results of the artistic tasks performed within three days of admission examinations and applicant´s qualification for study in the chosen discipline are evaluated during interviews with the studio tutors.

The following will be assessed: result of the test on the history of art and general cultural knowledge, portfolio, results of five artistic tasks performed at UMPRUM

The applicant is assessed with a mark and a point score for each part of the second round of the entrance examinations separately. The assessment will be recorded and approved by the department commission (assessment of a portfolio and results of artistic tasks) and by the commission of the Department of Theory and History of Art (test results).

12–10 points: excellent
9–7 points: very good
6–4 points: good
3–0 points: fail

Based on the results in the second round, the department commission suggests individual applicants for admission. In exceptional cases the applicant may be proposed for admission to another studio. The applicants suggested for admission must receive min. 60 points and may not fail in any part of the examination (receive less than 4 points). The order is determined by the number of points achieved within the studio.

Admission to study

The UMPRUM’s Rector has the final deciding vote about the admission of an applicant to study based on the recommendations by the Main Admission Commission composed of the heads of individual departments, the Rector’s Board and the heads of particular studios.

The total number of admitted applicants depends on the number of available spaces in individual studios.

The applicant will be notified of the outcome of the admission procedure in writing (by registered mail) to the contact address or the address of permanent residence. In exceptional cases the candidate may be proposed for admission to another studio.

The date for the meeting of the Main Admission Commission (verification of conditions for the admission to study): 11 March 2024

Number of applicants for Master´s degree programmes for the academic year 2023/24 - 64, number of accepted - 16.

Prague, 31 July 2023