Master programme specification

  • Programme of study: Architecture
  • Level of study: Master
  • Duration of programme: 6 years
  • Mode of study: full-time
  • Language of instruction: Czech
  • Structure of curriculum: individual studio teaching of an art specialisation which rests upon the theoretical visual arts modules as well as specialized professional modules and supplemented by general background modules
  • Graduation examinations: final state examination in the history of art, final state examination in the civil engineering, defense of master’s thesis
  • Award to be conferred: Master of Arts (MgA.)

Note: Only in the discipline of architecture

The master’s program is conceived as an integrated six-year course and the individual studios highlight various areas of the field of architecture.

The focal point of the education process is studio-based training in which artistic concept is combined with technical work and craftsmanship. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field, mastering the fundamental principles of creative work and applying them in a creative personal approach.

Studio training

semestral: lasting 12 weeks, in which students from all years and both degree levels meet in the course of solving semestral assignments of various durations and levels of difficulty;

- final project: a three-week project that each student solves and defends entirely independently.

In the master’s course, emphasis is placed on formation of the personality of the artist and creative individual approaches grounded in knowledge of the basic principles of the given field. An important part of the educational process consists of individual or self-motivated projects in the course of which the student will display sufficient maturity and the ability to plan her/his own artistic growth.  IN addition, the students are also offered a wide range of theoretical subjects from the areas of art history, aesthetics and art philosophy, as well as other, voluntary subjects. The course also includes and interdisciplinary exchange, which presents a unique opportunity to solve semestral assignments and defend a concluding project in a studio of a different field of study,  or an international exchange, which may take the form of study or a working internship.

Programme specification