Bachelor Programme – Design

  • Specializations: Industrial Design, Material Design, Fashion Design
  • Level of study: Bachelor
  • Duration of programme: 4 years
  • Mode of study: full-time
  • Language of instruction: Czech
  • Award to be conferred: Bachelor of Arts (BcA.)
  • Programme code: B0212A310005


The objective of the bachelor’s degree course is the acquisition of knowledge and skills that allow the graduate to operate in the practice of design or to continue on to a follow-up master’s degree course. The basis of the course is unique, studio-based training in which artistic concept is combined with technical work and craftsmanship. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of crucial theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the discipline, mastering the fundamental principles of design work and applying them in a creative personal approach.

The graduate of the bachelor’s program is an active, creatively working designer who has mastered the basic principles of original creative work.  She/he is capable of seeking and finding unconventional solutions, assert a personal approach, develop her/his own creative field and be a valuable asset to projects both big and small. The graduate is well able to apply acquired knowledge and skills, work in a team and independently solve component tasks in the sphere of industrial or studio production with confident crossovers into art design. The graduate has all the prerequisites for continuing on to a follow-up master’s degree course or to become a valid member of a working team in the development department of an industrial business or of a creative team in an independent design studio.