Information on the admission procedure for doctoral studies in English (Visual Arts) for the academic year 2023 / 2024

Admissions procedure

Visual Arts Ph.D.


The admission procedure will take place in two rounds:

  • The first round is conducted remotely (without applicants) on 16 June 2023. The committee appointed by the Rector and approved by the UMPRUM Subject-Area Board for Doctoral Studies will study the required application attachments (i.e. CV, portfolio, the concept of a doctoral thesis and a letter of motivation). Evaluation criteria: quality of the project, quality of previous work, contribution to UMPRUM. Each item is evaluated on a scale of 0-5 points (maximum 15 points). Applicants who will achieve 7 points or more will proceed to the second round. The list of shortlisted candidates will be published at the UMPRUM website –


  • The second round takes place in the form of an interview with the committee appointed by the Rector on 23 June 2023. The interview will be conducted via distance communication tools (you will receive a link to your e-mail in advance). In the interview, the applicant presents and defends his/her doctoral project and demonstrates professional knowledge and aptitude for independent creative research work. The interview is conducted in English.

    The interview with each applicant lasts approximately 30 minutes and is structured as follows:

    a) oral presentation of the project by the applicant (may be supplemented with a brief PPT presentation) – 15 minutes;
    b) clarifying answers to questions from the members of the Admissions Committee, discussion – 15 minutes.

    The Admissions Committee evaluates the study skills of each applicant and scores them according to the following criteria:

    • Quality of the submitted project: 0 - 5 points
    • Quality of previous work: 0 - 5 points
    • Ability of reasoning: 0 - 5 points

    Candidates who achieve at least 9 points in the second round are proposed for admission. Their ranking is determined by the number of points achieved; the applicants with the highest number of points are proposed for admission.


The admission interview will take place according to the schedule, which will be published in advance (after the first round) on the UMPRUM website - and sent to your e-mail address.

Please note that all information regarding applicants will be published on the website under your application number - especially applicants advancing to the 2nd round and the results of the admission procedure.